To master communication over email, is an art. The aim is to get your message across as succinctly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you practice good email etiquette:
Keep it short:
While drafting an email, it is important to practice brevity. Ensure that your email is concise and yet conveys the necessary message. Draft an email with brevity.
Follow a scannable format:
Use short paragraphs while writing an email to make sure that your content can be scanned through easily.
Avoid using words that can create confusion:
Refrain from using the passive voice, squishy words like ‘I’m not sure’, ‘perhaps’, or any other adverbs that could create any form of miscommunication.
Outline the intended outcome:
Know what you want and mention that in the first line of your email.
Engage in small conversation:
Do not encourage lengthy discussions and avoid addressing emails to those who aren’t concerned with the subject of discussion.
By following good email etiquette, you can improve your productivity easily.